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What Is a Panniculectomy?

While a panniculectomy is often confused with abdominoplasty or a tummy tuck procedure, it actually is different in that its primary purpose is to remove the apron of hanging skin or excess fat from the abdominal area.  A tummy tuck, on the other hand, also involves the tightening of the stomach muscles for the purposes of toning. In certain instances, a panniculectomy is performed in connection with such procedures as a hysterectomy or abdominal hernia repair. Therefore, electing to undergo panniculectomy will not involve any tightening of the abdominal muscles.

How Is a Panniculectomy Performed?

Performed by a board-certified surgeon, a panniculectomy generally takes place in a hospital setting. However, some surgeries are also performed on an outpatient basis. Typically, though, the procedure, which lasts several hours, requires the administration of a general anesthesia and can involve a hospital stay that can last as long as a week.

The surgery begins when the doctor makes an incision that extends across the lower abdomen and possibly around to the lower back, if an extended incision is required. Loose skin and excess fat can easily be are then removed and trimmed. Any remaining skin is pulled together and sutured or closed. Drains may also be inserted to collect fluids and support the healing process. Any repairs that need to be made to the abdominal wall, such as hernia repair, will also be made at the same time.

Am I a Good Panniculectomy Candidate?

If you’ve undergone bariatric surgery or have experienced a significant loss of weight, then you are typically a good candidate for a panniculectomy procedure. Women who want to remove saggy skin or excess fat after pregnancy often benefit from the surgery as well. A candidate who elects to have the surgery performed should be following a sensible diet plan and exercise regimen and should have maintained their current weight for at least a year.

What Is Involved in the Healing Process?

After the procedure, you’ll need to arrange to have someone drive you home. Also, it’s important to have a friend or family member on hand to assist you for a few days following the surgery. Plenty of rest is advised as is a balanced diet. Because decreasing your activity level may result in constipation, your diet should contain an additional amount of fresh fruit or fiber. In addition, a pain reliever will be prescribed to reduce any discomfort. Smoking should be curtailed during recovery as doing so can delay healing. In most cases, patients may be advised to wear a compression garment.

What Are the Typical Results of Panniculectomy?

The majority of patients who undergo panniculectomy will lose a few pounds of excess skin and fatty tissue. In addition, they find that their clothes are more comfortable to wear. Also, certain physical tasks are not as difficult. The results of a panniculectomy are long-term, provided you follow a sensible eating plan, get regular exercise, and maintain your weight.

Procedure Costs

When you set up a consultation, all details about the surgery as well as the expenses will be covered at that time. As each patient’s needs are different, surgical costs can vary as well. Many insurance companies will cover a panniculectomy if specific coverage criteria are met.


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